The lesser gods

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Аѕтłі (Astri) /astɹi/ - Astri

The First Conscious Natural Being. As The Machine's explosion painted Nothing, one patch got more of The Helper's soul. At this place Astri, the first of the lesser gods, came into being. Her radiant glow ignited other patches of The Helper's soul, giving birth to the first stars, the first light to exist in the universe. However having gotten the more mischievous bits of The Helper's soul, she often gives other living beings who comes under her influence, the unpleasant gift of sickness.

Темато (Temato) /tematu:/ - Temato

A child of Astri. Her radiant glow igniting patches of The Helper's soul, also gave birth to Temato, the most well-known star to the Illomi, the closest of Astri's children.

Although the worship of Temato ended long ago, even before the Aznowa fled to Illte lead by Qakhomatze, the remembrance of how The Aznowa Mountains would spit Her above Ere each morning, for Her journey southwards and eastwards, as She kissed the ocean each night, still lives in the souls of the Illomi.

Тељер (Tellex) /teɭex/ - Teller

A child of Temato. The first lesser god revealed to the Illomi. As Temato's fire was ignited by Astri, smaller patches of The Helper's soul coalesced, and was given the seed of soul by Dogma. One of these smaller patches was Teller, the living world on which the Homi eventually blossomed