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IPA: /qaxu:matze/
Kirsh: qaxu:matze
CXS: qaxu:matze
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Vital statistics
Title King
Gender male
Born 0 a.Q.
Died 71 a.Q. (age 71)
Race Aznowa
Faction Illomi
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As a young boy Qakhomatze witnessed the brutal murder of his younger sister, Moze. He later lived with a Ruzi family, where he met his future wife, Zhony. When he was 19 he led an united army of the source people to attack some Negan ships that would be used for rescue at least some of the source people from the war. When he was 22 years old, he and his refugees landed on a distant island they called Tellmarsh. Qakhomatze was soon coronated as the first king of Illte.