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I know a lot of people has heard about geocaching, but how many knows that some people has combined the geocaching hobby with conlanging?

The following is a list of known conlang geocaches available at

 Conlanging Geocaches 
  Name     Owner     Conlang     Country  
  Arendal conlang #1     Aetesaki     Delang     Norway  
  Arendal conlang #2     Aetesaki     Delang     Norway  
  Alien Language (Hamilton)     Spaced1     Alien script     New Zealand  
  Vogon Language (Waikato)     Jasp3r     Vogon     New Zealand  
  Dead Language?     The SBI     Unknown     Australia  
  tlhIngon Hol     WitzAbout     Klingon     USA  

Geocaching in Illte

There is an activity in Illte that resembles geocaching in our world. The locations are found using a tablet computer and the time and ID beacons from the cellular data towers that replaced the former cell phone towers. The system's minimum requirement for a location is the ID number of three towers and the time dilation of each tower. The resolution of the positions differs with the number of towers used in the location listing of the cache. Three-tower caches will have a resolution of 1.5 braz (2.1 feet, 63.5 cm), which is comparable to the GPS system in open areas, while 4-tower caches will have a resolution down to 2 pawz (3.5 inches, 9 cm).