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Bash scripts is a set of scripts for the bash shell used on Linux and MacOS, and with some preparations, Windows.

To installing Linux on Windows follow these steps

  • Click the start button, and select settings
  • Search for and run "Turn Windows Features On Or Off"
  • In the window, search for and enable “Windows Subsystem for Linux”
  • Restart the computer
  • After restart, open Windows Store
  • Search for Linux
  • Open one of the available Linux distros (making sure you actually open an actual Linux distro, as not all search result are valid)
  • Install your preferred Linux distro
  • When the Linux distro has been installed, open it and follow the onscreen setup instructions

After you have installed Linux on Windows, or if you are running Linux, follow these easy steps:

To check what script are available:

  • cd ~/git/Delang
  • ls

You could also check the README-file by

  • cd ~/git/Delang
  • cat

To make the scripts available use this command

  • echo "$HOME/git/Delang:$PATH" >> .bashrc