The Tellerian gods

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The tern Tellerian gods refers to the gods within Teller's embrace. The gods are listed in scientific order, as acknowledged by the Courts of Knowledge.

Δимҩ (Dumau) /dʉ:mɔ/ - Dumau

The first Tellerian god. The god of anger, fire, destruction, and rebuilding. His hair is fire and smoke, his breath sulfur. He is the mightiest and angriest of all Tellerian gods. When Dumau speaks, all living creatures capable of running runs away. When Dumau whispers, all living creatures touched by his breath dies. Yet, when he sleeps, life flourishes in his arms. He is Earth shaker, Гемиƒі (Gemufi) /gemʉfi/, and best friends with Welauneqi. He is the murderer of creatures old and young, and has killed since Teller was young, and will kill for as long as there is life in Teller.

Fеłје (Ferje) /feɹje/ - Feryë

Daughter of Dumau, stillborn. Though lifeless, cold, and without a soul, life on Teller would not be possible without Her. Her lifeless body penetrates all layers of Teller's surface. Her early demise is both the reason for life, and the anger felt by Her Father. While her body still convulsed in the torment of death, life couldn't exits, yet when Her quivering body finally stilled, the first natural Tellerian life came into being in Teller's embrace. Fragments of Her ever decomposing body still fills our skin, flesh, and blood. The fragments in our blood, embraces the breath of Ere, which delivers life to all cells within the body. When all of Her body has finally decomposed, Teller will die and become void of life, empty and forgotten.

Аьѡі (Aqwi) /aqwi/ - Aqwi

The tears of Dumau made conscious by Dogma. Created by the anguish and anger over Feryë's death, Aqwi rules the ocean. Being a nation of mostly water, the Illomi has learned that Aqwi is a fickle friend. While She can be calm and kind, She also steal the land from underneath your feet. Her swaying swells may cool your body in the hot daylight, but when Temato hides, She slowly carries the sand away. But when Her younger brother Ere teases Her, Her rage can topple even the heaviest of detached local communities.

Піс (Piz) /pi:z/ - Peace

The mother of all ocean dwelling beings.

As Dumau's initial anger over the death of Feryë, Aqwi gave birth to the first natural Tellerian being, Peace. Peace, being a natural Tellerian being, is mortal, the first natural mortal being. Having lost his first daughter, Dumau asked Teller for His grand-daughter's life. While mulling over the requesr, Welauneqi, understanding the benefits of granting Dumau's request, interceded and granted Peace the gift of reincarnation. While Peace would die, Her spirit wouldn't be harvested for as long as Dumau didn't burn Aqwi to death in anger.

As Peace thrived in Aqwi's realm, she gave birth to even more natural Tellerian beings. While She died as a mortal, Her soul wasn't harvested by Welauneqi, giving Aqwi the opportunity to give birth to Peace again and again, each time starting another line of natural Tellerian ocean dwelling beings.

Еłе (Ere) /eɹe/ - Ere

As Peace was rebirthed again and again, She breathed in Dumau's breath, while breathing out Her own breath. And as her breath started to weigh down Dumau's breath, Dogma sowed the seed of consciousness into Peace's breath, and Her breath flourished, calling Himself Ere, The god of the air. Ere flourished with such vigor, and grew so mighty that He forced even Dumau's great breath down into Teller's embrace, drowning everything that had come before. Ere ruled everything above Aqwi's head, while even ruffling her flowing hair from time to time, while constantly fighting with His sister for control over the face of Teller.

Fоле (Fole) /fu:le/ - Fowlë

However, the quarreling sibling's fights didn't just cause Feryë's corpse to decompose. During their fights Aqwi would spew Peace into Ere's face, sometimes covering Him with Peace's offspring, sometimes washing His face clean. However some of Peace's offspring clawed themselves to Feryë's corpse, finding it nutritious. As before, as Her duty give Her by Awe, Dogma once again sowed the seed of consciousness into the living being now clawing and clinging to Feryë's body, and the creature flourished, calling itself Fowlë, The Master of Green in Ere's Domain.

Коме (Kome) /ku:me/ - Comb'ë

As Fowlë grew on a constant diet of Feryë's corpse, and the lingering breath of Dumau not yet drowned by Ere, Fowlë gave birth to another Tellerian creature, Comb'ë. Comb'ë grew in stature, as Fowlë grew in extent, overshadowing some of Fowlë's smaller offspring. And where Comb'ë reigned, shadow and stillness grew. Not even mighty Ere could cause Comb'ë's calmness to be seriously disturbed. With Comb'ë, a new era began: A place where greater creatures could live

Авне (Avne) /avne/ - Awnë

As Comb'ë grew in stature, Peace gave life to Awnë, The Feather Goddess, the goddess of fowl, foul stenches, and loud noise. Hidden within Comb'ë's embrace, Awnë gave birth to all feathered creatures, both flying and walking, both small and large. And as Her offspring mated and multiplied hidden in Comb'ë's embrace, their noise grew so strong that even Teller Himself finally grew weary of it. Something had to be done.

Ҩƕімо (Auhimo) /ɔhimu:/ - Ohimo

As the noise if the fowl creatures of Awnë grew, Teller finally had enough. To combat the noise, Teller created the final Tellerian god, Ohimo, The Hunting God, God of all that devour the foul beast created by Awnë, a God with the power to give birth to the only lower natural being capable of supplying Dogma with a fertile ground for Her seeds of consciousness, the God who gave birth to the Homi and the Panomi, hunters all, but with a mind of their own. Us!

And the gods saw their Tellerian work was done.