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The лагонат (lagonat) /la:gu:nat/ is a decorative water bottle given as a commemorative gift as a child ages up. Traditionally the lagonat given as the child becomes Zoznan, Fuqnan, Kunan, Polnan, and finally when the child becomes Plenan, adult. The design of the lagonat follows the sex of the child. The bottle is filled with water from special runs from select Haupqaups, using old fashion steam boiler seawater distillation equipment. In addition to the water in the bottle, a small pouch with salt is tied to the lagonat as a backpack. The salt in the pouch is from the same batch of seawater distilled into the bottle. The water in the bottle is potable, but usually just stored.

Traditionally the lagonats are gifted by the following people:

  • Zoznan: an aunt or a grandmother
  • Fuqnan: a sponsor selected among the Kunan children at the school the child will be attending
  • Kunan: the parent of the opposite sex as the child, or the same parent of the child's best friend
  • Polnan: an older sibling
  • Plenan: the now adult child's best friend, or the parent of the same sex as the now adult child