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Kunan (Delang: Кинан (Kunan), IPA: /kʉ:nan/, Kirsh: ku":nan, CXS: ku\:nan), Age of Knowledge, is the stage of childhood development where the child develop their sexuality. This stage starts as the child enters puberty, and ends soon after the child becomes 14 years of age, lasting no less than 2 years. Due to sexual dimorphism, boys, on average, becomes Kunan one year later than girls, but for the same reason, girls are Kunan for longer than boys. The stage is preceded by Fuqnan, the age of inclusion, and followed by Polnan, the age of statehood.

During this stage all children will attend compulsory secondary level school. Although most Followers of Leisha and followers of other minor religious groups refuses to allow their children to attend public schools, home schooling is not allowed at this level. Fortunately, many private schools do offer a governmental approved curriculum for this level. In addition to further develop the children's ability to read, write, and do math, this level also add a course in basic economics, in which the children will print social currencies, as a teaching tool as to how economy works and what the true value of money it. Additional courses are also available.

This is also the stage of childhood development where the interest for sex, and the opposite sex, develops, often assisted by use of the social currencies, specially The Qibri (Delang: Ьібłі (Qibri), IPA: /qibɹi/, Kirsh: qibri, CXS: qibr\i), The Kiss.

To be applicable to attend secondary level school the child must have finished the basic courses for primary level.

In addition to marking the enrollment into secondary level school, the change in stage also marks the following changes for the child:

  • A celebration is held to significate the child's change in status.