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Zoznan (Delang: Соснан (Zoznan), IPA: /zu:znan/, Kirsh: zu:znan, CXS: zu:znan) is the stage in childhood development where the child develops its consciousness (Delang: соснанј (zoznanj), IPA: /zu:znanj/, Kirsh: zu:znanj, CXS: zu:znanj). The stage starts when a child first becomes self-aware and ends when the child develops its literacy. The stage is preceded by infanthood (Delang: паłтҩнан (partaunan), IPA: /paɹtɔnan/, Kirsh: partOnan, CXS: par\tOnan) and followed by Fuqnan, enrollment (Delang: Fєьнан (Feuqnan), IPA: /føqnan/, Kirsh: fYqnan, CXS: f2qnan).

According to The faith of the Gods self-awareness occurs after Daugma has planted the soul in the child and it has started to bloom. Until the mirror-test was developed, it was unclear when this occurred.

The occurrence of self-awareness marks several changes for the child.

  • Abortion are no longer legally possible. (According to Illomi law abortion is possible until the child has become Zoznan, or, if the child is not tested for self-awareness, until two years after birth.)
  • The child is given its sexual identity. (Until this point the child has been treated as being of undetermined gender. I.e, when talked about the common pronoun ´shehe´ (Delang: ƕамі (hami), IPA: /ha:mi/, Kirsh: ha:mi, CXS: ha:mi) has been used.)
  • The child is given its legal identity. (The child's name and clan affiliation are recorded.)
  • The child is given leave to explore the local community without parental[1] presence.
  • A celebration is held to significate the child's change in status.

  1. In Illomi society there is a distinct difference between being a parent and being parental. The former refers to the child's primary parental adults, usually the child's biological parents, while the latter refers to any adult who has developed a parental relation with the child.