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The local community, or масіδо (mazido) /ma:zidu:/ in Delang, is the basis of most social interaction on Illte.


Each local community contains one or more groups of housings, each group surrounding a minor park, while all groups in turn surrounds a larger central park, which also contains the local facilities. There are usually both apartment buildings and villas in a housing group, each available for either singles and families.


In each local community the following facilities are available:

  • Primary school
  • Local administration
  • Shop
  • Local medical clinic

Some local communities may also have secondary, or even tertiary school, and/or a central kindergarten.

Social life

The majority of social life happens within the local community. People are born in the local medical clinic, they live out there early childhood here, goes to primary school here, goes to secondary and tertiary school from here, goes to work or to the beached from here, and finally, dies here. For this reason, all kind of people lives in the local community.