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Qardh naunj dewiqi aunDelang

Naunj Qardh aunj vy. Kazewiqi anpremensa Lang qonstri. Vy fre inwaulvi intra depremensa, aj vy fakulti kazewiqi anpremensa aunKoppa Dasao.

Delang anfomilang naunj: Latinill; Ruzill; Franzill & Anglill. Intra depriqlade auncIllomi, Delang aj demul 1000 (mill) caurbi freni freqonstri aunj fazilli deqomerz intex: ceLatin; ceRuzi; ceFranzi & cAngli. Aj cAngli na deflauw in depostflauw tauzje Franzill frelangi, Anglill nux celangin nemul aunDelang fremiteri.

Cellist aunDelang i Illte Qlej (zelanginlibexin)

Welcome to Delang wiki

Delang is a conlang-project. Contributions are welcome within the limitation that this is a personal project by the admin on this Wiki.

Delang is a fiction creole of Latin, Russian, French and English. Within the story of the Illomis, Delang was created more than 1000 years ago to facilitate commerce between the Latin, the Ruzi, the Franzi and the Angli people. Though, as most Anglis at the time spoke Franzill, Anglill contributed only a few words to Delang.

Mailing list and Illte Key (Newspaper and Dictionary)

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  Cemeste Delang  
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  Celangin nezankt  
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  Kazelibert aunzehomi  
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  A short introduction to Delang  
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  Cezjanti i cemuziq  
  (Song and Music)  
      Religion in Illte  
  Caudinlangen in Delang  
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      Words similar to English taboo word  
  Deprezite aunLange  
      Strange laws in Illte  
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  (Syntaks and grammar in Delang)  
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