Cezegen; cenoro i cezeqilange

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(Blessings, curses and proverbs)

Cezegen (Blessings)

  Delang     Anglill  
  Dezegen aundewaujeu: 

Dau vaz jezjauqwilli,
gro Tellex aunj vy cexot naz miteri;
gro Ere aunj despina aunvy inwenti;
gro Aqwi ne aunj vy irati
 i gro Kome aunj vy cetegex miteri.  
  The blessing of the traveler: 

Until we meet again,
may The Earth God give you nice roads,
may The Air God breathe on you back,
may The Water God not be angry,
 and may The Forest God give you shelters.  
  Гłо ƕамас інтер Мор δегај ƕамас ін моłі не ƒłемітеłі, мітеłі.

Gro hamaz intex Mox degaj hamaz in mori ne fremiteri, miteri.  
  May they in Death receive the peace they didn't get in dying.

A blessing traditionally given to honor all those who died in the Negan invasion. First used by King Qakhomatze, later written down in the appendix of all editions of the book "Negan invasion" published after King Qakhomatze died.
The blessing is also used in books citing "Negan invasion".
The blessing are always written in both scripts.
When spoken, it is often followed by a minute of silence.

Cenoro (Curses)

  Delang     Anglill  
  Аньаłнаьѡƕпіѕь гłо вy гłојесіні  
  (/anqaɹnaqwpi:sq gɹu: vy gɹu:je:zini/)  
  May a carnackfish bite you  
  (May you die a slow and painful death)  

Cezeqilange (Proverbs)

  Delang     Anglill  
  Аньібер она лјибі, анмітеłін теδвані.  
  (/anqibex u:na ljʉ:bi anmiteɹin tedvani/)  
  A kiss with love, a precious gift  
  Іп вy мҩҫy вyҫа јеҫҩкопі, зомјен ҩнсенаміδа гłоомјені  
  (/ip vy mɔʃy vyʃa jeʃɔkupi, zu:mjen ɔnzena:mida gɹu:u:mjeni/)  
  If you want to redeem yourself, sow the seeds of tears.  
  Ѡелҩнеьі неьі ај ƕамі нҩті.  
  (/welɔ:neqi neqi aj ha:mi nɔti/)  
  Welauneqi kills as he like  
  (shit happens)