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(Personal identity)

Intra Illte, deliqj wedenam; wedemaze & wedemesta frefretexi.  
  (In Illte, the personal identity are divided into personal name, family clan and place.)

Denam (Name)

Personal names are the prime and only method of addressing a person in Illte. No matter the importance of the person, only the personal name are used. All catalogs of persons in Illte are therefore always sorted by personal name.

Demaze (Family)

The family name are derived from the clans of the parents. One can use both or either clan names as ones own, as the child are regarded as being a part of both clans of its parents. The chose of which clans to use are decided by the person, or by the parents when on behalf of smaller children, usually based on what clan one has the closes relations to. Official catalogs of persons always uses both, with one as the primary as chosen by each persons.

Clan names are never used when addressing someone, not even important persons.

Demesta (Place)

Place names are only used as an honorary part of one's name. This honor is only bestowed onto certain important people. Although Qakhomatze was the first king of the Illomi, the honor of having a place added to his name was not given to him, as he refused that honor.

This place name are usually used instead of clan names.

Notable persons granted this honor includes: