Strange laws in Illte

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Here are some of the strange laws existing in Illte.

National law

National laws are laws that apply in the whole archipelago.

  • It is illegal to squeeze or crush grapes.
  • It is illegal to hinder another person from harvesting lingonberry.
  • It is illegal to name a female, animal or human, Malin.

Local law

Local laws apply locally either limited to a city or a community.

Community laws

Community laws are laws applying to a community even if said community exists inside the borders of a city where the same law does not apply or is prohibited.

Zjaunjo community laws

  • It is legal to skin a child alive, as long as the child isn't restrained or gaged, and the child sits still during the process.
    The penalty for skinning a restrained and/or gaged child alive, or if skinning the child causes the child to fidget, cry, scream or in any other way show discomfort by the procedure, is for the perpetrator to be skinned alive, and if the child cried out in pain, to be boiled alive.
    PS: This custom is outlawed in Zjaunjo main land.
  • It is illegal to kill an animal if doing so causes the animal distress.
  • It is illegal to allow a human or an animal to die a distressful death.

City laws

City laws are laws applying to said city and its area of control.


  • It is illegal to punch a fist into the air above the head.


  • It is illegal for children older than 10 to suck their thumbs.


  • It is illegal to drink Lerta (red wine) without permission from the city council.