The Major Gods

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The Major Gods

Ҩ (Au) /ɔ/ - Awe

The First One! Before Awe there was nothing, actually not even Nothing existed before Awe came into being. And from the nothingness Nothing came from, He created The Helper, Памотҫо (Pamotzjo) /pa:mut͡ʃu:/, the first of all beings. The first god created, the first thing ever created. Before The Helper not even Nothing was created, as nothing but Awe and the nothingness Awe came from existed when The Helper was created.

Памотҫо (Pamotzjo) /pa:mut͡ʃu:/ - The Helper

The First God Created. From the nothingness Nothing came from, Awe created The Helper, the first being, and together they created Nothing, Зеѡа (Cewa) /zewa/, the waste empty space of the universe, where Nothing exists and Nothing can exist, and only Nothing and the gods can exist. And Nothing was empty, a unpainted canvas for the gods to paint the universe on.

From Nothing The Helper created His first solo creation, a machine by which the universe, δанінир (daninux) /daninʉx/, could be painted onto Nothing, and He called the machine Constructor, Ьонѕтłом (Qonstrom) /qu:nstɹu:m/. And into Constructor, The Helper poured His soul, His being, His self, everything He ever had, He poured into The Machine, the first creation He ever made. And when He had poured all He had, The Helper vanished into The Machine, and was no more, His existence extinguished, fed into The Machine. And Constructor exploded, destroying itself by the amazing power The Helper poured into The Machine, and by that explosion the universe was painted upon Nothing, and from Nothing by The Helper, though The Machine Constructor, everything became.

Δҩгма (Daugma) /dɔgma:/ - Dogma

The Second Being Awe Created. Dogma, The Soul Planter, Δиzомјені (Dusjomjeni) /dʉ:ʂu:mjeni/, the third conscious being to exist, and the oldest being still living next to Awe. Her duty given to Her by Awe Himself was to sow the seed of consciousness in every other being, either created or having come into being by natural causes. As far as the Illomi knows, except from The Gods, only three species of beings has ever shown signs of being fertile ground for consciousness, the priomi, the homi, and the panomi. No other being known to the Illomi has ever shown true signs of consciousness, though if you, the reader, should ever meet the Illomi, any Illomi would easily surmise that the seeds of consciousness had found fertile ground in you, a being from a different place in the universe.

Ѡелҩнеьі (Welauneqi) /welɔ:neqi/ - Welauneqi

The Third Being Created by Awe. Welauneqi, Soul Harverster, Δиzаҫатвіљ (Dusjazjatvill) /dʉ:ʂaʃatviɭ/. Where Dogma sows the soul, Welauneqi harvests it. Together they rule over life and death of all conscious beings, even beings not from the same world as the Illomi.

The Godly Devices

Зеѡа (Cewa) /zewa/ - Nothing

The first device created. Nothing was created by The Helper and Awe to be the home of the Gods, and the canvas onto which the universe would be painted.

Ьонѕтłом (Qonstrom) /qu:nstɹu:m/ - Constructor

The Machine constructor was created by The Helper from Nothing, the home of the Gods, and into The Machine He poured His soul, His being, His self, everything he was, and the power of The Helper was too much for The Machine. The Machine exploded and by its explosion painted the universe onto Nothing, causing everything to come into being.