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The Panomi (Delang: паномі (panomi), IPA: /pa:nu:mi/, Kirsh: pa:nu:mi, CXS: pa:nu:mi) (litt: almost homi) is an ancient intelligent humanoid species living in southern Illte. The only know Panomi village, Pawophi, lies in the forest south of Karomill.

The Panomi are shorter than the Homi, has shorter, but deeper heads, highly flexible feet, two opposable thumbs on their right hands, but only one on their left, each hand having 5 fingers. Their legs and forearms are heavily furred, though their hips, upper arms, and torso are less hairy, thus the Panomi wears clothes, usually made of fur.

From the brief encounter with their village, scientists has gathered that the Panomi has an highly organized social structure, including a village council. Their language is quite different from Delang, but seems to be rich in vocabulary. From their previous encounters with Homis they had learned several Delang words, and thus greeted the Illomi delegation with a rough Qardh. Their language is rich with vowels, tones, breathing, and saw tones, in addition to some clicks.

It is also known that Panomi and Homi not only can mate, but that such mating will produce viable offspring. Some hybrid offspring are also capable of producing viable offspring when mating with Panomi. It is unknown if such mating would also be possible with Homi, but that is likely the case. The Followers of Leisha claims this proves their belief that the Homi together with the Panomi, are modern descendants of the Priomi, however the Court of Knowledge has ruled that the mating capabilities of the Homi and the Panomi only proves the species are closely related. The court finds it just as likely that the Homi are the descendants of the Panomi.