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In Delang there are three levels of greetings from the common greeting Ьаłδƕ! (Qardh!) /qaɹd/ to the formal introduction used when first meeting someone.

Formal introduction

For formal introductions the following greeting are used:

Нҩнј Ьаłδƕ ҩнј вy! Ас мітеłі Ьаłδƕ нҩнј Гłине і МаьіҪар. Δенам ҩнас Сара.

(Naunj Qardh aunj vy! Az miteri Qardh naunj Grune i MaqiZjax. Denam aunaz Zaxa.)
/nɔnj qaɹd ɔnj vy! az miteɹi qaɹd nɔnj gɹʉ:ne i maqiʃax. denam ɔnaz zaxa./

This greeting tells you that this person is called Zara MaqiShakh, and that she's from Grune. You would reply using the same greeting, while using your own data.

The greeting contains three parts, the first being the actual greeting. Some people will use gestures to "show" you their heart, usually by grabbing at their own chest outside the heart and showing a fist. The use of other personal pronouns may also be appropriate, including the exclusive.

In the second part you reveal any formal information you may feel appropriate and comfortable to reveal. Most people will at least include their family here. In the example Zara included both her city, Grune, and her family, MaqiShakh. If you want to hide everything, you are allowed to use the personal pronoun ас (az) /az/, but this would basically close down any possibility further relationship.

The third part just states the name you want to be addressed as. In any following conversation you'll only use the name stated in this part when addressing the person who introduced themselves to you. Neither the Zhonyo or the Illomi use anything but their given name when addressing each other.

Semi-formal greetings

This is a set of greetings that's used as honorary greetings. There are no fixed set of how or when to use them, but they are all based upon what time of the day it is.
They are as follows (from morning to night):

Нас Ѕпинта (Naz Spunta) /naz spʉ:nta/
Нас Месо (Naz Mezo) /naz me:zu:/
Нас Тема (Naz Tema) /naz tema:/
Нас Сима (Naz Zuma) /naz zʉ:ma/
Нас Нyьт (Naz Nyqt) /naz nyqt/

Depending on your style and the occasion, you may add some kind of blessing to your greeting.

Informal greeting

There is only one informal greeting in Delang, Ьаłδƕ! (Qardh!) /qaɹd/. It's used anywhere and at any time. Although you may use Qardh! to greet someone you're not acquainted with, it is however considered rude to use it as a reply to the formal introductory greeting.