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Main Page

Qardh! Welcome to Illomi Wiki.

This wiki contains information about the Illomi, their continent, their history, their social life and their language.

In short, the Illomi are refugees who settled on a couple of distant islands, not knowing at the time that they'd landed on an unexplored continent. The size of the continent is comparable to the combined size of Africa, South-America and Antarctica in our world, however the inhabitable landmass is, in total, no bigger than Australia. The rest of the continent called Illte is a continental ocean called Tejmokh.

The year is 1112 a.Q. (after Qakhomatze)

As they say in Delang, Гłонҩті! (Gronauti!) /gɹu:nɔti/

Selected article

The Kingdom of Illte is a unitary elective Monarchy whose territory comprises the Homi-inhabited tropical and subtropical portion of Illte. It's northern boarders are defined by The Equatorial Barrier Reef, and it's southern by the forest belt.

Did you know?

The Homi and the Panomi, although being separate humanoid species, are capable of making non-reproductive offspring.

Selected biography

Qagi Alfonz MaqiNee is a wellknown opponent of the Followers of Leisha, that has, on several occations, mocked the believes of the Followers.


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