A few words on the terrestrial faiths

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See this page as a hypothetical, as if people from our world should arrive in Illte. This page looks as the terrestrial faith from the eyes of the Illomi.

The Three Main Terrestrial Faiths


While Christianity, for the most part, would be left alone in Illte, a few things would not be allowed:

  • No tolling of church bells
  • No extravagance churches
  • No proselytizing claiming that the Christian god is the only "true" god


No modern tenet of Catholicism possible to enact in Illte, violates The law of unlawful suffering. However, if any Catholic organization would start a hospital or hospice for the sick and dying, without providing either a quick and painless death, or healing of the sick (See Mother Teresa), this would be in violation of the law.



Anyone who follows the teachings of Mohammed are in violation of The law of unlawful suffering, which carries a mandatory death sentence.

The following islamic tenets violates The Law of Unlawful Suffering:

  • Having serious sexual relation with non-Kunan children
  • Repeatedly violating non-Polnan children's right to have sex with whomever they chooses, zilagari[1]
  • Holding women as sexual toys, i.e. zilagari
  • Holding any person as a personal unpaid worker
  • Physically abuse any person within your household
  • Require non-medical proof of zilagari in form of multiple witnesses
  • The murder of non-Muslims who finds both the tenets and the teacher vile
  • Any violent attack on someone based on them not being of "the right faith"


Only one modern Jewish tenet violates The law of unlawful suffering, which carries a mandatory death sentence:

  • Infant male circumcision

Other Terrestrial Faiths

Other Terrestrial Ideologies


The ideology of feminism is known to the Illomi as a serious mental disorder. Due to the violent aggressive tendencies and the similarly aggressive outbursts people with this infliction displays, the disease has been given the name ferafammala, ƒеłаƒаммала (ferafammala) /feɹafammala/, meaning feral women syndrome. Although being primarily a women's disease, there exists several known cases of men suffering from this disease too. If caught early enough, and given adequate and correct psycho-medical treatment, healing is possible.

Experience shows that if an inflicted is caught before becoming Polnan, they are more likely than not to require no further psycho-medical treatment after the initial hospitalization. However, after becoming Polnan, the likelihood of requiring further treatments, or even constant psycho-medical supervision, increases for each year afterwards. In most cases where the infliction has been allowed to fester into maturity without adequate psycho-medical intervention, the patient is too mentally unstable to be returned to society and a permanent solution has to be found. In many such cases the only available permanent solution is to ask a Court of Knowledge for permission to put the patient down by lethal injection.

Early signs of ferafammala includes, but are not limited to:

  • a lack of anger management
  • an inability to accept science, as deemed to be correct by the Courts of Knowledge
  • straight out rejection of proven science
  • constant abuse of statistics to mislabel women as subjugated
  • feral aggressiveness towards men, specially bunch fathers[2], ѕѡҩгапа (swaugapa) /swɔgapa:/, and collectors, ҫҩс (zjauz) /ʃɔz/.
  • aversion towards the social currencies


Communism, the idea that the state dictates what the people are allowed to own and, or where to work, and what to work with, is unknown in Illte. While the current monetary system may seem to contain or be based upon certain element of communism, this isn't true. The current monetary system may seem to lend itself well to an easy transition toward communism, however this would require the many currencies currently in use to be curtailed and controlled centrally by the state. This, due to the system's capitalistic nature, is not possible in Illte.



Capitalism is the norm in Illte. Every actor in society partake in capitalism. This way of life is so ingrained in Illomi society that there's even a special course on basic economics in secondary level schools, which is compulsory for all Kunan children in Illte. Due to capitalism's control over all aspect of life, the State has become just one more corporation which issues its own currency, and demands payment for services in their own currency, as with any other major corporation. However, being a monarchy, the King and his council, the Sowyet, retains a monopoly on certain aspect of life, such as lawmaking, judgment, and policing.

The current system of capitalism isn't the first iteration of capitalism in Illte. The first started as the then starving Illomi, came into contact with the Zhonyo. This in turn initiated The Dark Age of Banking, which ended in civil war. During this period, the State, as in the King and his council, was being mostly controlled by bankers' need for bigger bank accounts. The more digits in the ledger, the happier the bankers were, but at the same time people became poorer and poorer, until more and more found themselves in destitute, ending up being taken care of by the State, just to live as slaves.

The second iteration of capitalism began with King Zara, the first female king, and developed into a system of corporate capitalism, where the major corporations took over much of the duties formerly in the hands of the State. This iteration lasted for almost 400 years, until it ended with The Digital Revolution.

After The Digital Revolution, the third and current system of capitalism began. With all currencies, except the Social currencies having been digitized during The Digital Revolution, made the current system the most stable system even in use in Illte. While not yet lasting for as long as King Zara's iteration, the current iteration has been way more stable than the previous. The stability is mostly due to the teaching reform initiated during The Digital Revolution, in which all students would have to learn the true value of money. Among the values taught is the fact that money is an idea, not a commodity, and that the shared understanding of the idea of money, not the accumulation of wealth, is what keeps the economy afloat. This understanding has ensured that the inflation known from the former iteration, hasn't occurred in the last 300 years


  1. In Illomi law zilagari, сілагаłі (zilagari) /zila:gaɹi/, refers to the condition put forth in the Natural Right to have sex. This Natural Right states that you have the right to have sex with whomever you wish to, as long as you do not violate any other person's right to the same. The Natural Rights are considered to be part of the constitution of Illte, and cannot be superseded by other laws on a general basis.
  2. Bunch parents are adults who open their homes for children to have a place to be after school. Examples from the terrestrial realm includes youth clubs, YMCA, the scouts