Qagi Alfonz MaqiNee

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Qagi Alfonz MaqiNee
Ьагі Алƒҩнс МаьіНі
(Qagi Alfaunz MaqiNi)
IPA: /qagi alfɔnz maqini/
Kirsh: qagi alfOnz maqini
CXS: qagi alfOnz maqini
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Vital statistics
Gender Male
Born 1069 a.Q. (age 43)
Race Aznowa
Faction Illomi
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Qagi Alfonz MaqiNee is a politician in the parliament for the Tellmarsh party. He is an outspoken opponent of Atheism in Illte. Qagi Alfonz is also a proponent of further restricting the ability of the Followers of Leisha to practice their believes.


Should we protect babies? Are you out of you mind? They are animals! They have no soul! They are not conscious! Don't speak craziness, Leisha!
You may claim Homi are the descendants of Priomis, but until you have fucked a priomi and fathered a homi child, your claims are worth nothing, Leisha.
The Followers of Leisha are a scourge set on destroying our society. As such they has to be eliminated!