Izemba MaqiBrunel

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Izemba MaqiBrunel
Ісемба МаьіБłєнељ
(Izemba MaqiBreunell)
IPA: /izemba maqibɹøneɭ/
Kirsh: izemba maqibrYnel.
CXS: izemba maqibr\2nel`
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Vital statistics
Gender male
Born 781 a.Q.
Died 834 a.Q. (age 53)
Race Aznowa
Faction Illomi
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Izemba MaqiBrunel, often called the Iron Road King, was the inventor of the Iron Road between Wentegero and Catizil. By harnessing the steam from one of the steam vents near Wentegero, Izemba propelled his Iron Horses faster than the wind. The steam was led from the vents to a pipe where a wooden sail was lowered from the Iron Horses. The speed could be controlled by both the amount of steam led into the pipe, and the tilting of the sail.