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An aircraft (Delang: еłѡҩјє (erwaujeu), IPA: /eɹwɔjø/, Kirsh: erwOjY, CXS: er\wOj2) is a device used to transport people through the air using a mechanical engine to power the device. The first aircraft was invented by Chef MaqiNee in 1003 a.Q.

Although aircrafts has the ability to transport people far away faster then any other mode of transportation, it never gain much usage due to aircrafts crashing and burning on impact. After a crash in 1056 a.Q. that killed 49 passenger on impact, and required the euthanization of 27 passenger, including 4 children, a court of law finally deemed the usage of aircrafts for mass transportation in violation of The act of unlawful suffering. As a result aircrafts was limited to carry no more than 18 passenger, carrying only Polnan children. The latter restriction was lifted in 1082 a.Q, as rotating winged aircrafts proved to be more reliable safer than fixed winged aircrafts.

Fixed winged vs. rotating winged aircrafts

While the early development of aircrafts focused predominantly on fixed winged aircrafts, some developers found that rotating the wing above the craft would both make the aircraft more maneuverable and make the loss of engine power less fatal. Unfortunately doing so didn't make the aircraft look safer than the fixed winged aircrafts.

Fixed winged aircrafts was able to carry more passengers more comfortable and faster than the rotating winged cousins, in a more sturdier vehicle that initially seemed to be safer. It was soon realized that by increasing speed followed an increase in injuries and deaths when the aircraft failed. The final sword ray fell after the 1056 crash. Not only did the limitation set by the court of law demolish the current fleet of fixed winged aircrafts, but the development of rotating winged aircraft increased to such a point that its reliability matched that of fixed winged crafts within a decade.

Although rotating winged aircrafts are slower than fixed winged, and comparable in speed to the fastest trains, their safety record and distance of travel surpasses even that of boats. Rotating winged aircraft has since the turn of the century caused no deaths, while fixed winged aircraft, although currently limited to private aircrafts, has caused 41 deaths, an average of 3.4 deaths per year.