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  Vowel/Diphthong     IPA     Description  
  а/a     /a/     open front unrounded  
  ај     /aj/      
  ҩ/au     /ɔ/     open-mid back rounded  
  е/e     /e/     close-mid front unrounded  
  еј/ej     /еј/      
  є/eu     /ø/     close-mid front rounded  
  і/i     /i/     close front unrounded  
  ј/j     /j/     palatal approximate semivowel  
  о/o     /u:/     close back rounded  
  и/u     /ʉ:/     close central rounded  
  y/y     /y/     close front rounded  
  y/y     /i/     close front unrounded  

  • A cannot be followed by a, e, i or y
  • E cannot be followed by a, i, or y, except for au
  • J cannot precede or follow i
  • Y can only follow a soft consonant or a vowel
  • Y are only pronounced /i/ when following qj. Example: ediqjy /ediçi/ - to command