Railroad signals

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Modern line signals contains one white light bulb, and, if needed, a green light bulb. The background is reflective, so that the absent of light can easily be spotted. A blue colored light are created by raising and holding a weighted lens in front of the white light bulb. A single bulb signal can show 5 aspects, while a dual bulb signal can show 8 aspects. Dual bulb signals are used before diverging lines and station. All aspects are fail-safe. Opposing signals are places 1.5-2 reungs (1.06-1.42 mi/1.71-2.28 km) apart as a protective measure against passing signals that has failed to stop aspect.

  Aspect     Meaning     Speed limit per hour     Expect  
  No lights     Stop     10 reung (7 mi/11 km)      
  white     warning     30 reung (21 mi/34 km)     stop  
  flashing white     high speed warning     70 reung (50 mi/80 km)     warning  
  green     restriction     25 reung (18 mi/29 km)     divergence  
  green+white     restrictive warning     70 reung (50 mi/80 km)     restriction  
  green+blue     restrictive clear     85 reung (60 mi/97 km)     restrictive warning  
  blue     clear     115 reung (82 mi/131 km)     any signal except stop  
  flashing blue     high speed clear     140 reung (99 mi/160 km)     clear