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Іљте Ьлеј

Illte Key (Delang: Іљте Ьлеј (Illte Qlej), IPA: /iɭte qlej/, Kirsh: il.te qlej, CXS: il`te qlej) is an Illomi newspaper based in the capital Illume. It's tagline, "Understanding was the key to the commerce", referes to when Delang was first used as a pidgin between the Latin, the Ruzi and the Franzi people of the home continent, and how having a common language gave raise to increased trade between the three people.

Анбłас ƒłеƕеłесі

Δессеьј ҩнЉејzа мҩсy зепаłтҩнан гłотегері. Нҩ δеьҩнƒіδ ҩнΔіь гемтłені зепаłтҩнан не анδиzа ҩні і не соснані ƒłе. На δеδіь, анпаłтҩнан ƒłе ај анпаłтҩ ҩнƕамі гłонеьі. ΔҩЉ касеƒакилт сметі.