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Касемеѕте тłені зелањін несанкт і δінтеłлање ҩнані ҩнј Ањліљ она зеѡіье. 
 (Kazemeste treni celangin nezankt i dinterlange aunani aunj Anglill ona cewiqe.)
 (This article contains Delang taboo words and profanities with translations and explanations.)

  Δінтеłлање δеѡіье 
 (Dinterlange dewiqe)  
  /a:na/     Анлањін несанкт таьете 
 (Anlangin nezankt taqete)  
  asshole     Not a nice word to call someone. 
 The word ana means ass or buttocks, in other words, that which one sits with.  
  /le:zi/     Лесі, Лесі, δана δимі 
 (Lezi, Lezi, dana dumi) 
 Анƕомі ај лесі. 
 (Anhomi aj lezi.) 
 Не пҩлсі іп вy ѕѡҩті δеѡіƒ. 
 (Ne paulzi ip vy swauti dewif.)  
  Lier     Lier, lier, pant on fire (literally, the ass is burning) 
 A nasty insult that can get your life shortened. 
 The word lezi is both a verb and a noun meaning to lie, a lie or a lier.  
  /ma:lin/         Pussy     Although not always a profanity it can be used as such. 
 The word malin means a slide.  
  /ma:ma/     Анƒам ƒасіљ ілі анƒам ај земан гłо маліні на зеѕѡҩта 
 (Anfam fazill ili anfam aj ceman gro malini na ceswauta)  
  escort, hooker, prostitute     Literally: The Breast. 
 A woman who use her breasts to get laid, payed, or both. 
 The word mama means breast.  
  /naʃ/     Анман ај наҫy Батҩњ она δероьа. 
 (Anman aj nazjy Bataung ona dexoqa.) 
 Анƕомі ај не роьі ьоłеь. 
 (Anhomi aj ne xoqi qoreq.)  
  wanker, fraud     Literally: The Pump. 
 Someone who doesn't do the job right, a fraudulent person. 
 The word nazj means a pump.  
  /nemitqap/     Анƕомі она аньап неміт. 
 (Anhomi ona anqap nemit.) 
Анƕомі ај панемі зе. 
 (Anhomi aj panemi ce.)  
  prune head, idiot, stupid, etc.     Literally: dry head.  
  /nezankt/     Анлањін несанкт ом 
 (Anlangin nezankt om)  
  Damn!     A soft profanity. 
 The word nezankt also means a sin, something evil, illegal or taboo.  
  /u:beʃ/     Анлањін несанкт ҩнј зеƕомі епаƕ 
 (Anlangin nezankt aunj cehomi epah)  
  fatty     A profanity about fat persons. 
 The word obezj is a noun that means fat. 
 (The word epah however is only an adjective meaning thick.)  
  /pɔpex/     Анƕомі не ƒłеҩнƒакилті 
 (Anhomi ne freaunfakulti)  
  stupid, idiot     An uneducated person. 
 The word paupex means pauper, and poor.  
  /piʃfu:mi/         Cuckoo child     Literally: Food child 
 A profanity meaning someone that is a parasite on others.  
  The word pizjfomi is a common gender noun that means foster child.  
  /piʃfu:ni/     The word pizjfoni is a masculine gender noun that means male foster child.  
  /piʃfu:nin/     The word pizjfonin is a feminine gender noun that means female foster child.  
  /pɹepe:z/     Анлањін несанкт ҩнј Батҩњ 
 (Anlangin nezankt aunj Bataung)  
  boner, dick     A taboo word for the penis. 
 The word prepez means leg.  
  /qlɔq/     Анƕомі ај тегері анмасін 
 (Anhomi aj tegexi anmazin)  
  intrusive, stalker     Literally: The Cloak 
 Someone who follows a friend like he or she was a jacket.  
  /tɔlq/     Анƕомі онаь зеƒакилтін ај ҩнƕамі 
 (Anhomi onaq cefakultin aj aunhami)  
  pushover     Someone who is easily swayed or influenced to change his/her mind. 
 The word taulq means a push.  
  /temmalin/     Нир анлањін несанкт ҩнј Ƕомі нyьт 
 (Nux anlangin nezankt aunj Homi nyqt)  
  white pussy     A profanity used only by colored people. 
 Temmalin is a valid female name analog to Ginevra and Genevieve.  
  /wa:na/         Up your's!     Literal meaning: into The Asshole.