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IPA: /zaxa/
Kirsh: zaxa
CXS: zaxa
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Vital statistics
Title King
Gender female
Born 371 a.Q.
Died 446 a.Q. (age 75)
Race Aznowa
Faction Illomi
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King Zara, also known as The Exterminator of Bankers, was the first female king of Illte. She is known for her hatred toward usury, and for enacting the only current laws with penalties of the freedom to life, The act of usury[1] and The act of unlawful suffering[2]. She also holds the record of most executions[3] per year of reign, 1.5, and the record of most execution by own hands, 8.


The weight of the debts equals the weight of 4 mest[4] of Tejmokh[5] on the head.[6]
As a king you shouldn't have your subjects do what you wouldn't do yourself.
—Answer to why she herself sometimes took the place of the executioner

  1. The act of usury makes it illegal to take earnings on money lending, on penalty of death.
  2. The act of unlawful suffering makes it illegal on penalty of death, to cause suffering beyond normal suffering caused by living.
  3. At that time executions was still done by beheading the convict. The word used also means rainbow.
  4. A mest is a measure of length equal to 38.07 meters/124.9 feet. 4 mest equals 152.28 meters/499.6 feet.
  5. Tejmokh is the name of the continental ocean covering most of Illte.
  6. Δепєѡа ҩнδеѕδебе еьѡаљ δепєѡа δє тіłе меѕт δє Тејмҩр на δеьап. /depø:wa ɔndesdebe eqwaɭ depø:wa dø tiɹe me:st dø tejmɔx na deqap/