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Welauneqi (Delang: Ѡелҩнеьі (Welauneqi), IPA: /welɔ:neqi/, Kirsh: welO:neqi, CXS: welO:neqi), Speedykill, or Soul Harvester (Delang: Δиzаҫатвіљ (Dusjazjatvill), IPA: /dʉ:ʂaʃatviɭ/, Kirsh: du":s.aSatvil., CXS: du\:s`aSatvil`), is the second of the deities that marks the boundaries of life (See also Daugma). Although comparable to The Devil, Welauneqi is not an evil god as such. Welauneqi is the collector of souls that has ended its existence in a Homi body. Due to his importance at life's end, he is both feared and respected. Taking oaths and making deals by The Devil are not taken lightly, and it is therefore common place to swear by him in courts of law.

Zoznan children are often told that swearing by Welauneqi is something that should only be done by adults, as The Devil might hold them to their oath and harvest them early for breaking it, either leaving their body as empty shells or killing their body in the process. Being harvested early, or suddenly and unprepared, are considered both wasteful and a shame on the dead, as such a death leaves Welauneqi with a lot more soul than he would normally get. The same goes for people who prefer their own company, and people who are naturally shy. Social interaction are considered the natural way of cheating Welauneqi of a full harvest.

Ѡелҩнеьі, іп вy мҩҫy, гłоҫатві ас.
Welauneqi, if you wish, harvest me.
—Prayer often spoken by the weary.
Ѡелҩнеьі гłо ас гłоҫатві іп ані не пłавδа.
Welauneqi may harvest me if it isn't the truth.
—Oath often spoken when the truth of a story is doubted.
Ѡелҩнеьі δесінтłаδиzа лјибі. Ƕамас зеδиzа плен ҩнмані мітеłі.
Welauneqi loves introverts. They give him full souls.