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This page exists so that you can check out pronunciation of words and sentences.

Have fun!

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Δотҫем зересеьі (Dotzjem cexezeqi) /du:t͡ʃem zexezeqi/ #lexember #conlang #Delang

The literal meaning of the Delang word is #conlang #Delang

Month of Zara, the sixth month of the year, has 29 days.

King Zara, also known as The Exterminator of Bankers, was the first female king of Illte. She is known for her hatred toward usury, and for enacting the only current laws with penalties of the freedom to life, The act of usury[1] and The act of unlawful suffering[2]. She also holds the record of most executions[3] per year of reign, 1.5, and the record of most execution by own hands, 8.

For more information about the Illome Calendar, check out

#conlang #Delang

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