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Over the years the Illomi view on sexuality has changed dramatically, mostly due to the environment. Living near the equator has demanded a change to a society more comfortable with nakedness. As such, nakedness has evolved so far that it has more or less become the standard outfit. Though nakedness has become natural to the Illomi, workplaces still require clothes to be weared by its employee, though usually not by its customers. Public transport and restaurants, however, do have signs telling their customers that the use of skirts, dresses, tunics or loincloths are required, and that refusal to comply may be prosecuted. Most schools require their students to wear tunics, dresses or skirts, banning loincloths unless worn underneath accepted garments.

As nakedness became more common, sexuality norms also became more relaxed. The sex act is still considered to be private, and the actors continues to hide themselves from public, though it is not that unusual to find young adults or late Polnan children engaged in sexual activities next to beaches, just hidden by bushes and vegetation.

Though sexual norms has become more lax, hetrosexuality is still considered to be the natural norm, and is by far the most common sexual practice.

Homosexuality (Delang: еьен (eqen) /eqen/, from еьѡаљ (eqwall) /eqwaɭ/, equal) has been a commonly accepted deviation for several centuries, and no common display of homosexual love is prohibited or frown upon.

The second most common sexual deviation is the gravitation towards children. With the exception of the predator (Delang: срат (zxat), IPA: /zxat/, Kirsh: zxat, CXS: zxat), people sexually gravitating toward children has also been accepted for centuries, though sexual relations with non-Polnan children are frown upon. While collectors (Delang: ҫҩс (zjauz), IPA: /ʃɔz/, Kirsh: SOz, CXS: SOz) and bunch parents[1] (Delang: ѕвҩгапаłтҩ (svaugapartau), IPA: /svɔgapaɹtɔ/, Kirsh: svOgapartO, CXS: svOgapar\tO) are integrated in society, predators are outlawed by The act of unlawful suffering, and are usually executed by a Court of Law upon capture and conviction.


  1. Bunch parents are adults who open their homes for children to have a place to be after school. Examples from the terrestrial realm includes youth clubs, YMCA, the scouts