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This is where you'll find the newest published dictionaries.

The running dictionary is currently only available in Portable Document Format.

How to use the dictionary

Finding a word in the dictionary can be a challenge due to Delang's exotic grammar, but here comes a few tips to follow:

  • Nouns always includes a prefix.
  • Numerals may be included as prefixes on a noun.
  • Verbs only include prefixes when in past or future tense.
  • Not all words which seems to have a prefix has a prefix.
  • The prefixes are listed as separate entries in the dictionary.
  • Words that you do not find in the dictionary may be created using existing words in the dictionary.
  • And, just to make things a bit more interesting, the spelling of a word may change when included in a new word. The same goes for prefixed numerals.

1500 word edition


The 1500 word edition is available in 3 versions: