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The main feature of Illte is its continental ocean Tejmokh. Being most of the continent it contains most of the flora and fauna of Illte, and has become a vital source of food. As there is no separation between Tejmokh and the ocean outside Illte, the water is salty and not a natural source of drinking water.

Other notable natural features are the fact that Illte has no bees. As such no plants requiring pollination by bees can grow on the continent. The source people found that out, almost to their destruction, when they planted the cere and trizere they brought along with them.

In the interior of the continent there are also a few volcanoes.

Selected article

The carnackfish is the most dangerous animal in Illte. It's most lethal poison is capable of killing anything that's injected by its poison. Before the antidote was developed, almost everyone who was bitten died, and those who did survive wished they hadn't.

Did you know?

While the Illomi had knowledge about how to get fresh water from a continent with no fresh water, they has no knowledge of how to feed themselves on a continent with abundance of food. As the situation was reverse for the Zhonyo, the exchange of knowledge gave both the Zhonyo and the Illomi the opportunity to live and prosper on Illte.


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