Leisha of Grune

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Leisha of Grune
Лејzа ҩнГłоне
(Lejsja aunGrone)
IPA: /lejʂa ɔngɹu:ne/
Kirsh: lejs.a Ongru:ne
CXS: lejs`a Ongr\u:ne
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Vital statistics
Gender female
Born 938 a.Q.
Died 990 a.Q. (age 52)
Race Aznowa
Faction Illomi
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Leisha of Grune was a politician, and an avid proponent of atheism in Illte.

In 967 a.Q. she founded the society that would later be known as the Followers of Leisha. After several attempts at her life, she was killed in 990 a.Q.